about us.


MindDance, LLC, is a Denver-based learning company that teaches creative coding to children. Kids in our programs learn to code by creating their own animated stories, video games, and interactive art. Our teachers create joyful and focused learning communities that support hands-on learning, peer mentoring, and creative teamwork. We offer after-school enrichment classes, weekend workshops, and summer camps. These are offered in partnership with 10 elementary schools in Denver and 4 in Vienna.

Coding with Scratch

Our students build their creative projects in Scratch, an MIT-developed computer programming language for children. Scratch is accessible to six-year-olds, and is also used in computer science courses at Harvard and Berkeley. As students build Scratch projects, they learn to code while still in elementary school in a fun and engaging way that deepens their love for creativity and teamwork.

Delightful Learning

Our students take delight in numerous experiments and discoveries and deepen their passion for creativity and invention. They learn computer programming, math, and logic skills and they grow as artists and engineers. Our enrichment classes are social, playful, inventive, and fun.

Our Values

We want our learning communities to be:

  • warm and welcoming places alive with creative energy

  • active learning environments that are both disciplined and joyful

  • meeting places for building, inventing, experimenting, and collaborating

We want our students to be:

  • comfortable trying things, tinkering, and taking risks

  • at ease and at peace when learning from mistakes

  • resourceful in teaching themselves, learning from their teachers, and learning from each other

To these ends, we work to develop certain qualities in our students and in ourselves. These include:

  • kindness, curiosity, and generosity

  • focus and follow-through

  • creativity and playfulness